Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

I will explain 10 small business ideas about business şdeas with low investment and high profit over the internet.

The biggest challenge of bootstrapping people is the limited budget. The point is to do great things with this limited budget. So, are there any low-risk jobs with a limited budget? If you don't know what bootstrapping is: You can read What is Bootstrapping.

1. Do Social Media Management

Managing a social media account takes time and energy. Of course, if you set up your strategy correctly, you can make serious profits. If you don't have any knowledge about managing social media, you can learn from Udemy. Bestselling social media tutorial on Udemy.

This comes first to everyone's mind. Service. The service sector is a sector where you can earn fast. The faster the problem is solved, the more money you make. But you have to think like an entrepreneur. In other words, first, do social media management, then gradually build a team to work with you. After a while, they work and earn, you become an intermediary and get a commission. Starting such a startup can become a scalable startup.

2. Become a Freelancer

In item 1, you are doing freelance work. But to turn it into a venture, sell the skill first and let them notice your quality. Then set up a freelancer site and add your own skills. Your customers will already work with you through that site. You will still win, but then there will be new members in the equation. This can gradually grow your business.

3. Start a Niche Blog

Open a niche blog in any field and produce content with SEO like crazy. Then you can earn income with affiliate and advertising. Don't underestimate the blog thing. You can make serious profits. Like MRR $20,000 a month.

4. Develop an Affiliate Developed Tool

Someone I know did this and it works. It can be any vehicle. Share this tool for free and build an audience. Direct this audience to use affiliate links within the tool. LandingPage.FYI, this is the site of the person I know. It has listed a successful free site and tools. Some of these tools have affiliate links. You got the point.

5. Write Ebook

Write an ebook and share it on Gumroad and Amazon. Since it has its own marketplace, it can be sold by itself. But if you advertise on it, it will sell more. Again, if you build an audience, you earn much more.

6. Develop Products in Creative Industries

Creative sectors are areas such as video editing, design, music. And if you develop quality products in these areas, you can make serious profits. For example, you can prepare a UI kit and sell it on UI8. Or you can prepare a Notion Template and sell it on Gumroad. This is something that takes some creativity. You have to think about it.

7. Create a Training Video

Information products sell very quickly. EcommerceChecklist, co-developed by the maker of LandingPage.FYI, earned around $2500 in 48 hours. You should definitely buy the training very well. You can find a lot of information about e-commerce. It is updated for life. Returning to our topic, it sells educational videos. I tried it myself. My tutorials have been sold thousands of times on Udemy. It may be a little poor quality, you are right 😅 But it sells.

The biggest disadvantage of sharing training videos on Udemy is that Udemy cuts it by 70%. You earn 30%. This is a very painful thing. But last month I had a great idea. Sharing training on YouTube JOIN. Also, creating regular training creates regular customers. There is a one-time fee on Udemy. YouTube, on the other hand, gives money every month to access the content. Hot money. Speaking of which, this is my YouTube channel. Currently, there is 1 private training for members on my YouTube channel. He is also Sony Vegas Pro training. As a result, I am trying what I tell you. It works. Try it too. 👌

8. Make a Website That Solves a Single Job

Not many features. Have only 1 feature and solve it in a quality way. Charge a monthly fee for this solution. Let me introduce aliveDomain for you to understand this better. It has only one purpose. Shows when domains will expire. This much. Pretty simple isn't it? And it pays off. If you wish, you can ask the founder of aliveDomain your questions. I leave the Twitter link. @hellokfk. Don't forget to send greetings from me. 😋 I say you should develop tools that solve such simple problems. Get annual or monthly fees. aliveDomain charges a monthly fee. Let me suggest a site that charges an annual fee. is a very advanced and simple to use tool for building single-page sites. You pay 19 dollars a year and use it. It's a joke but true.

9. Sell Print on Demand Products

If you do not know about the existence of such tools, you will be very upset because everything is ready and you can create products and sell them with a few taps. These can be t-shirts and mugs. The beauty of the job is that you don't print the t-shirt, you don't deal with the cargo. It's the company between you that does the work. You only do design and marketing. With well-targeted ads, you can make serious profits. I saw this topic in a jewelry sale article on the Learn Build Sell site. You don't have to sell t-shirts online. You can even sell gold necklaces if you want, and I'm not talking about you buying and selling the gold necklace. Everything is ready. You can sell jewelry from the ShineOn site. Read Learn Build Sell first, then visit and review ShineOn. ✌

10. Become a Consultant

A consultant means that he has a lot of knowledge and experience about a subject and gives paid guidance to those who are interested in this subject. You can be a consultant on any subject you know well. You just need to know the subject very well. For example, if you know the software very well, do software consultancy. You can show your customer where a code might fail. You don't need to write code for this. If you already know your job well, you can solve problems quickly. And it doesn't need to be software. Make-up consultancy, chicken care consultancy... So it's an incredibly wide field. The key here is to market yourself and your business well. After it develops gradually.

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