Advantages and Disadvantages of Bootstrapping

If you want to do bootstrapping, you must first accept the advantages and disadvantages. Because not everything is innocent. No pain, no gain. Well, if you say what is Bootstrapping: What is Bootstrapping? You can read my post.

Bootstrapping Advantages

1. Lower Costs

Bootstrapping is cheap. Products can even be developed for free. Marketing can even be done for free. You don't need a lot of money to set up a Bootstrap startup.

2. Freedom

You don't have to deal with any investors. You don't need to take on big responsibilities. You make all the rules.

3. Leading an Active Life

You can fulfill a dream like traveling the world. BUT. In traditional jobs, you go to work from home during the day. Because your job is fixed, you can't go wherever you want whenever you want. The permits you get from work are limited and it is difficult to visit very long distances during the leave period. 

Bootstrapping Disadvantages

1. Budget Problem

Your budget is limited. This can cause difficulties in constantly producing new projects. Money is required in the production and marketing of the project. It can be costly to produce projects continuously beyond producing a few times. It is necessary to manage the budget well.

2. High Failure Rate

You need a lot of knowledge and skill as you do everything alone. Learning them takes a lot of time and energy. If you are just starting out, your failure rate is very high. You need to have a strong psychology to fail. Otherwise trouble.

3. Stress

Even if it is fun at first, if you do a few unsuccessful projects, you can enter into a stressful life. This can become a big problem after a while. That's why I made the Bootstrapping Guide because I've lived a very stressful life. I took out the guide for this so that you don't live. If you buy Bootstrapping Guide now, you get a lifetime updated guide. Because I update the guide as I learn new information. Get it once and you'll have a lifetime updated guide. Buy Now!