What is an Example of Bootstrapping?

Do you want to do bootstrapping and are looking for examples of bootstrapping? You are at the right place. :) 

Let me introduce you to 2 of the most well-known and 1 that you do not know, and a total of 3 initiatives.

1. Apple

Yeah! Sounds crazy! Apple first started with bootstrapping. They first produce the product and then find the customers themselves. It does not take any investment while doing this. If you're going to bootstrapping, maybe you can turn into something like Apple in the future. It stays small and sweet. Who knows. :)

2. Facebook

True! At Facebook, they first built and expanded the website by spending it out of their pockets. He later got an investment, but he started with bootstrap as a start.

3. BannerBear

Its founder, Jon Yongfook, started a startup from scratch that made $20,000 a month. I say listen to this story directly from his mouth, not from me. Say hi to Jon Yongfook for me. :3

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