The History of Bootstrapping

There is one thing that bootstrapping people don't know much about, and that is the history of bootstrapping. In this article, I will tell you the history of bootstrapping.

If you're wondering what bootstrapping is: What is Bootstrapping? you can read it.

First Written Work

It all started in the 19th century. People started to use different words to describe the situation they were in. There were pirates in the 19th century. In the same period, new steps were taken in science, especially in medicine. These steps shook some solid walls. In the same period, slavery continued, but compared to previous years, slavery began to decrease. In 1860, civil war broke out in the United States. It was very active at that time.

In that chaos, people produced a new sentence.

"Pull up with one's own bootstrap."

This word is used for things that are impossible. Impossible.

For example, You cannot start a company alone!

This sentence, which is used in a bad way, broke itself in the following years. Because people started to do things that were said to be impossible on their own.

Today, as humanity, we use this term to start and grow a venture alone.

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